Re: The Ordered List Ontology

Am 28.06.2010 10:17, schrieb Barry Norton:
> Bob, I wrote a similar representation in WSML-Flight [1] a few years ago
> [2], where it was possible to construct an axiom that for a list of
> length n there should exist unique values for each of the indices 1-n,
> and no others. I doubt that this is possible here (without RIF), is it?

Hi Barry,

as far as I can see, you used rdf:list/rdf:rest for the list modelling, 
is that right? You maybe also followed the still ongoing discussion 
about rdf:list[1].
One conclusion for me was that we need another concept, which is 
independent of rdf:list (rdf:seq). I thought also about adding further 
properties, especially olo:previous and olo:next to express a 
concatenated list.
This properties could get a owl:cardinality restriction of "1". However, 
then it might still be possible to define two slots, which have the same 
index in the ordered list, but I currently don't know how to change this 
without using a rule, which defines that there could only one slot per 



PS: Please also think about the naming a bit: olo:OrderdList vs. 
olo:Sequence, which one would you prefer? (/me +1 olo:OrderedList)


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