The Ordered List Ontology

Hello everybody,

in a longer discussion in the Music Ontology mailing list about how to 
model a playlist, Samer Abdallah came up with a very good proposal[1] of 
modelling a sequence/ordered list (as recently also discussed at RDFNext 
Workshop[2]) as semantic graph (in RDF).
So, here we go:

- specification[3] (please also note the anonymous inverse properties)
- concepts and relations in a graphic[4]
- funky playlist example[5,6]

Again, thanks a lot Samer Abdallah for that cool concept.
Comments, suggestions, critics are very welcome.



PS: its all OWL based ;) however, we could also downgrade the concept on 
the basis of rdfs:class, if needed.


Received on Monday, 28 June 2010 07:58:52 UTC