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CFP :: Software Quality Journal - Special issue on Quality ?Engineering for Software Product Lines

From: Ebrahim Bagheri <ebrahim.bagheri@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 12:23:14 -0300
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Software Quality Journal

Special issue on Quality Engineering for Software Product Lines

SCOPE - Large software production companies have become increasingly aware
of the employment of software
product lines to gain potential advantages in terms of time‐to‐market, cost,
efficiency and agility. The success
of software product line practices relies on the employment of optimized
processes and technologies that are
both valid and useful in the context of strategic and business directives as
well as software development
tasks. Impressive steps have been taken in the development of supportive
tools and techniques for modeling,
customizing and realizing software product lines within the area of software
reuse and component‐based
software engineering. The product line community is in its second decade of
existence with the SPL
conference serving as the premium forum for product line researchers and
practitioners; however, the
assurance of the quality of the software being developed using this approach
and the satisfaction of various
process metrics is an important ongoing direction of research which has
received less attention. Some
existing techniques from the areas of software architecture and also
software quality evaluation have been
adapted to software product lines, but yet more emphasis on the significant
importance of quality
engineering in software product lines is needed. The importance is seen in
light of the fact that low quality
software product lines have a ripple effect on the actual products that are
derived from their customization.


• Architectural styles and patterns for product lines
• Evolution and maintenance of product lines
• Product line lifecycle management
• Quality Assurance in product line processes
• Quality modeling in Software product lines
• Quality measurement in software product artifact
• Modeling non‐functional requirements in product families
• Quality prediction for software from SPLs
• Quality attributes in domain analysis
• Semantically enhanced software product lines

• Submission Deadline: 15‐Nov‐2010
• Reviews Completed: 15‐Feb‐2011
• Major Revisions Due: 1‐April‐2011
• Re‐reviews Completed: 1‐Jun‐2011
• Minor Revision Due: 15‐Jun‐2011
• Final recommendations: 1‐Jul‐11
• Final Manuscripts Due: 15‐Jul‐11

PAPER SUBMISSION DETAILS – Authors are invited to submit original research
contributions to
http://www.editorialmanager.com/sqjo. Authors should state in their cover
letter to the EiC that "This
manuscript is submitted for the special issue on Quality Engineering for
Software Product Lines ". Submission
instructions can be found under "Information for Authors" at:

GUEST EDITORS (alphabetical order):
Dr. Ebrahim Bagheri,
Institute for Information Technology,
National Research Council Canada

Dr. Dragan Gasevic,
School of Computing and Information
Systems, Athabasca University,
Canada –dgasevic@acm.org
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