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Call for Participation: Content Math Training Camp at CICM (July 5 to 9, Paris)

From: Christoph LANGE <ch.lange@jacobs-university.de>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 16:48:51 +0200
To: semantic-web@w3.org
Message-Id: <201006211648.51737.ch.lange@jacobs-university.de>
                   DOCTORAL PROGRAMME
Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM 2010)
                  CNAM, Paris, France
               5th-9th July (note change)




This is a training school comprising tutorial sessions and practical labs with
an integrated Doctoral Programme (see homepage for that).  Its aim is to
disseminate the latest developments and emerging trends in intelligent
computational mathematics as well as to familiarise, in particular young
researchers, with the leading state of the art technologies for authoring,
presenting, conserving and accessing mathematical knowledge and their

List of topics (links, details and updates: http://cicm2010.cnam.fr/cmtc)
    * Gemse, a visual editor for Content and Presentation MathML 3
    * OMDoc import/export of Hets (Heterogeneous Tool Set)
    * jEditOQMath, an editor for OMDoc documents targetting ActiveMath
    * JOBAD, a framework for integrating interactive mathematical services into web documents
    * JOMDoc, a Java API for OMDoc
    * MathDox formula editor, LaTeX to MathDox translator, possibly a text+formula editor
    * MMT, a module system for mathematical theories
    * an OpenMath Content Dictionary Editor
    * SCIEnce libraries for symbolic computation with OpenMath:
          o the SCSCP C Library (for C and C++)
          o possibly POPCORN and the Java libraries
    * sTeX, a semantically enhanced (La)TeX input language for OMDoc
    * TNTBase, a versioned database for XML documents (with some special OMDoc support)

If you are interested in a particular topic or have anything particular to
offer, please let us know (mail to Christoph Lange

There will be short presentations introducing most of these topics, followed
by individual programming sessions.

Content Math Training Camp Organisers:
* Michael Kohlhase (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)
* Christoph Lange (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)
* Volker Sorge (University of Birmingham, UK)

Christoph Lange, Jacobs Univ. Bremen, http://kwarc.info/clange, Skype duke4701

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