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Info Service Ontology version 0.4

From: Bob Ferris <zazi@elbklang.net>
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2010 23:53:36 +0200
Message-ID: <4C1E8DE0.4050205@elbklang.net>
To: Semantic Web <semantic-web@w3.org>

I thought this ontology might also be of interest for the semantic web 
mailing. It was initially a Music Ontology issue, later a FOAF Ontology 
issue and now even with a broader scope ;)

I designed through the weekend the Info Service Ontology [1,2]. The 
initial intention behind designing this ontology was to add some 
knowledge re. linked websites from different info services in semantic 
graphs [5], e.g.

<http://musicbrainz.org/artist/8a1fe33d-6029-462e-bcb7-08e0ebaba6dd.html> a
foaf:Document ;
<http://musicbrainz.org/artist/8a1fe33d-6029-462e-bcb7-08e0ebaba6dd.html> is:info_service
mo:musicbrainz .

The Info Service Ontology consists of a basic is:InfoService concept 
(which could maybe related to prv:DataProvidingService instances) and 
some additional ones for describing such an info service (currently: 
is:InfoServiceQuality, is:InfoServiceType and 
is:InfoServiceContributorType - the specific individuals are currently 
only proof-of-concept examples). The main hook re. specific websites 
from an info service is is:info_service, which associates an 
is:InfoService instance to a owl:Thing (or sub class of owl:Thing, e.g. 
foaf:Document) instance (a website link).
Furthermore, I defined some is:InfoService individuals, especially 
is:musicbrainz [3] as proof-of-concept example. Therefore, I used also 
some category definitions from DBpedia (important is also the property 
is:main_subject for associating a main subject of an info service).

Please feel to add comments, critics and suggestions re. which 
properties might useful for describing an info service.

Planned extensions are:
- enabling multiple info service quality ratings, e.g. by using [4], 
which may come from different info service rating agencies (e.g. 
modelled with foaf:Agent as hook) so that the customer of such rating 
could select the info service rating agency of his/her choice
- defining a is:recommendation property
- add further information service quality properties, this should maybe 
done in another sub ontology, because rating information quality could 
be somehow complex and be realized on different levels of complexity 
(see the ongoing discussion on the prv-vocab mailing list [6])

With this property (is:info_service as relation to an info service 
description) it should be possible, e.g. to enable users the opportunity 
to choose their preferred info services as data sources for their 
knowledge base by selecting the different properties of such an info 
I currently working on my Master-like thesis, which has the topic 
"Semantic Federation of Musical and Music Related Information for 
Establishing a Personal Music Knowledge Base". One concern is that the 
user should be able to select music info services of their choice or the 
application will choose the data sources automatically through 
evaluating the (FOAF + Weighted Interests Ontology based) user profile 
and comparing it with the info service descriptions.

That's all for the moment ;)



[4] http://purl.org/stuff/rev#
[5] http://wiki.foaf-project.org/w/FOAF_and_InformationServices
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