[ANN] OntoWiki 0.9.5 released

(apologies for multiple postings)

Hi all,

The AKSW research group [1] is pleased to announce that OntoWiki 0.9.5 is 
now available for download.

OntoWiki is a web-application enabling the collaborative creation and 
(linked data) publication of RDF knowledge bases.

More information about OntoWiki can be found at: http://ontowiki.net

You can download OntoWiki in our google code file section:

==> http://code.google.com/p/ontowiki/downloads/list <==

Enhancements in this release include:

* Support for Semantic Pingback [2], a protocol which enables OntoWiki to
   communicate named links from linked data resources or blog systems like

* Support for the publication of provenance information via Linked Data.

* A new navigation module which support the configuration and usage of
   arbitrary navigation hierarchies (e.g. based on classes, SKOS elements,
   geospatial entities or FOAF groups).

* A bookmarklet for collecting RDFa-based information into a specific
   OntoWiki knowledge base.

* More editing widgets, e.g. for phone number and mailto: resources.

* A new mapping module for the resource visualisation and filtering based
   on maps.

* Attribute / Tag clouds based on selected RDF properties.

* A GUI for complex SPARQL filter (contains, larger, smaller, between and

* A JSON/RPC server as an additional interface (e.g. for the command line

* A plugin to create nice URIs based on the content of a new resource.

A detailed log of the over 200 enhancements and bug fixes of this release 
is available at our issue tracker [3].

Many thanks to the contributors of this OntoWiki release (in alphabetical 
order): Atanas Alexandrov, Christian Maier, Christoph Riess, Jonas Brekle, 
Marvin Frommhold, Michael Haschke, Michael Martin, Michael Niederstätter, 
Natanael Arndt, Norman Heino, Philipp Frischmuth and Tim Ermilov

best regards

Sebastian Tramp

[1] http://aksw.org
[2] http://aksw.org/Projects/SemanticPingBack
[3] http://code.google.com/p/ontowiki/issues/list?can=1&q=milestone=OntoWiki-0.9.5

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