SeMedia offering position: Semantic Web developer

SeMedia, research group on Semantic Web, Multimedia and Digital Humanities based in Ancona, Italy, is offering a 2-year position to work on novel Semantic Web applications.

The developer is required to be skilled in Javascript, J2EE and possibly Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We also require basic knowledge of Semantic Web technologies in general and, above all, motivation to face research challenges as well as technical/architectural issues.

The work will be carried on in the framework of a european research project, involving italian and european SMEs, and will focus on the design and development of an innovative semantically aware annotation system for next generation digital libraries. 

About the research project:
We aim at developing a semantic web annotation system to provide an easy to use and flexible tool for end-users to annotate digital libraries and web sites in general. Annotations in this context are not only free text comments associated to a web page, but contain semantically structured data and typed connections with other contents or with entities from a shared ontology. Sharing such annotations users will be able to collaboratively create semantic networks, enriching digital libraries with conceptual maps and novel semantic based navigation capabilities.
The project will base on previous works and in particular on SwickyNotes, an annotation desktop tool which already implements some of the basic ideas.

The position is a 2-years research fellowship at the University of Ancona (UniversitÓ Politecnica delle Marche).

Please send further info requests or professional curricula to


Christian Morbidoni

Received on Monday, 19 July 2010 14:20:45 UTC