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Who are the strongest European competitors on software ideas? Who is the best doctor to 
cure insomnia in a nearby hospital? Where can I attend an interesting conference in my 
field close to a sunny beach?

Search Computing is a new multi-disciplinary research field which provides the 
abstractions, foundations, methods, and tools required to answer these and many similar 
questions. Search Computing queries are answered by interacting with a constellation of 
cooperating search services, using ranking and joining of results as the dominant 
factors for service composition.

The Search Computing project (SeCo) is funded by the European Research Council (ERC), 
responding to the 2008 Call for "IDEAS Advanced Grants", a program dedicated to the 
support of investigation-driven frontier research. The project takes place at 
Politecnico di Milano, and features international co-operations with several research 
groups, on topics such as rank join theory, service registration and mapping, massive 
query processing over search services, search interaction paradigms, data visualization, 
stream reasoning, biological and social network applications.

Results have been delivered in various formats:
- The book "Search Computing - Challenges and Directions", published by Springer-Verlag 
in the LNCS State-of-the-art series (vol. 5950):,
- Two International workshops, held in Como in June 2009 
( and in May 2010 
- Several demonstration prototypes and videos, available at
- A technology watch blog,
- Several publications
- Slides from keynote talks and coursework material covering several aspects of Web 
information retrieval.

The project offers Postmaster Scholarships (intended for perspective PhD applicants or 
for students who want a solid R&D experience after completing their master thesis) and 
Postdoctoral Research Associate Scholarships (intended for people with a strong 
systems-oriented background who want to strengthen their research record and competences 
after completing their PhD). Applicants should look at:

Come and visit the Project Web Site:

Stefano Ceri and the SeCo Team

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