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Hugh pointed you to the description of how BBC's Worldcup 2010 microsite is powered by a triplestore, you can find more information on this in a blog post written by the BBC today :

The National Gallery in the UK is also piloting some service which are powered off of a triplestore. The triplestore contains provenance information relating to the National Gallery's Raphael collection, and is powering the following microsite:

Furthermore ZDnet's data dictionary is powered off of a triplestore (4store [GPLv3]):

QDOS, is another service which runs off of 4store too:

Garlik's DataPatrol service is run off of a triplestore too (Garlik's proprietary 5store)

There will be information regarding how we at Garlik use semantic tech in Dave Wood's soon to be published book entitled "Linked Enterprise Data", which should be out soonish I guess:


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> Il 10/07/2010 13.21, Hugh Glaser ha scritto:
>> I would say that a good site should hide the details of technology of implementation, whatever that technology is  why would users want to know?
> I completely agree with you. In my opinion a succesfull semantic web application should hide its complexity and the underlying technologies (I am referring to all the languages that appear in the popular and controversial Semantic Web stack)
>> A couple of sites come to mind:
> I would want to show you an alpha version of a Facebook app that we are developing in my lab. It's an application for movie recommendation that uses Linked Data. It's still an ongoing work, we are working on several aspects (both the interface and the backend), so any comments or suggestions would be really appreciated. The application is available at:
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