Re: RDF Extensibility

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Pat Hayes <> wrote:

> The world doesn't have facts like that in it. Classes and properties  
> are intellectual constructs, not the stuff of reality. Hell, if a  
> particle can be a wave, then surely a class can be a property.
> Anyway, RDF doesn't make logical a priori rulings about these kind
> of metaphysical segregations. For example, xsd:Number is a class, a  
> property and an individual in RDF.

Indeed - but who has claimed that classes and properties are disjoint?
Although they may well overlap in some cases, foaf:Person still isn't a

Without knowing the definition of foaf:Person, it's difficult to
conclude that foaf:Person is not a property. However, even without
knowing the definition of a literal, it is easy to conclude that it is
not a suitable node to be used as a property, so in my opinion, it is
sensible to state that triples containing a literal as the predicate
have no meaning (even though I think they should be syntactically

Toby A Inkster

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