Re: Subjects as Literals

Ivan Mikhailov wrote:
> After 7 days of discussion, are there any volunteers to implement this
> proposal? Or you specify the wish and I should implement it (and
> Kingsley should pay) for an unclear purpose? Sorry, no.
> I should remind one more time: without two scheduled implementations
> right now and two complete implementations at the CR time, the
> discussion is just for fun.

AFAIK - 'The RDF Semantics as stated works fine with triples which have 
any kind of syntactic node in any position in any combination.' - it's 
only the common serializations which define + cater for a subset of 
'RDF' and prevent literal subjects.

For a long time people have been telling me that RDF/XML is not RDF, if 
people have built their triple/quad stores on the understanding that 
specific serializations of RDF define RDF itself then..?

I'd hope that RDF/XML and other common serializations don't change - but 
  I'd also hope that in the near future we will have an RDF 
serialization which does handle literal subjects (& predicates) - at 
that time it will be a business decision for each company to decide 
whether to use and support it or not.



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