[ANN] Uberblic.org V1.0 - data consolidation for the web of data

Hi all,

I'm very excited to announce Version 1.0 of our linked data consolidation
service Uberblic [1].

The goal of Uberblic is to provide developers with an easy and reliable
access point to the Web of Data. To achieve this we integrate web data
sources into a central repository and reconcile the streams of data we
collect from web APIs. We curate, integrate and consolidate data from across
many Web data sources, including Wikipedia (English and German),
Musicbrainz, Geonames, Foursquare, MovieDB, LastFM, Freebase, several BBC
datasets, Drugbank, and Diseasome.

This new release features many new developer APIs, including an
Update-Feed-API, Consolidation API, Search, Lookup, and of course Linked
Data access and a SPARQL endpoint. 
Read more about it at http://uberblic.org/2010/07/uberblic-v1/

Many thank to our friends at Talis for their support and for hosting a
public sparql endpoint for the uberblic data set.

[1] http://uberblic.org

Georgi Kobilarov
Uberblic Labs Berlin

Received on Monday, 5 July 2010 14:22:54 UTC