Re: Show me the money - (was Subjects as Literals)

Pat Hayes <> wrote:

> So, what is your conclusion? That a spec should never be changed, 
> because (of course) the longer it is left unchanged, the larger the 
> investment in software based upon it. So apparently no specs should ever
>  be revised? HTML should still be HTML 1.0, and OWL 2 should never have
>  been written?

Pat, don't be silly. I wrote the following in the very message you
responded to:

>> Yes, there are some useful additions & changes to be made to RDF that
>> have real use-cases screaming for them (and people already 
>> implementing because they need them). The top 7 at [1] is a good list 
>> of these, 
 >> [1]

But as somebody wrote to me off-list in response to my message:

> We shouldn't tangle ourselves in discussion that most probably won't 
> lead us anywhere and won't benefit eventually the common user. it's all 
> about a balance: being pragmatic and good quality research..


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