Re: Subjects as Literals, [was Re: The Ordered List Ontology]

On 2 Jul 2010, at 15:22, Kingsley Idehen wrote:

>> I think, the main confusion comes from the use of the term "object" for two
>> entirely different things: In the case of "O-R-O", it refers to (semantic)
>> individuals. In the case of "S-P-O", it refers to a position in a
>> (syntactic) RDF triple.
> Conflation Conflation. It makes RDF a real PITA, unfortunately.
> EAV model is crystal clear:
> Entity-Attribute-Value.
> Slap on HTTP names for Entity, Attribute, and Value, optionally,  and you get an HTTP based World Wide Web of Structured Linked Data.
> This is why conflating RDF and Linked Data has nothing but downside IMHO.

It all depends to whom one is speaking Kingsley. To me EAV does not say much. To OO programmers
attribute values often gets them thinking somewhere along the right lines. 

I think it may be best to think in terms of arrows between things, as shown below. I think
since the 60ies everyone at the age of 5 starts learning about mappings between objects, these
mappings are arrows, and are very easy to understand.
All of these are ok with me. I also like RDF, it means many things, and
most of all Reality Distortion Field. Because as you know, our view of
reality is very distorted (just think of how people 2000 years ago saw the world),
and so to get to understand things better we need to enter what will seem 
a reality distortion field from our very limited point of view.


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