Re: Show me the money - (was Subjects as Literals)

Hi Benjamin,

On 2 Jul 2010, at 11:01, Benjamin Nowack wrote:
> Our problem is not lack of features (native literal subjects? c'mon!).
> It is identifying the individual user stories in our broad community
> and marketing respective solution bundles. The RDFa and LOD folks
> have demonstrated that this is possible. Similar success stories are
> probably RIF for the business rules market, OWL for the DL/KR sector,
> and many more. (Mine is agile, flexi-schema website development.)

Quite right.

But telling those user stories and marketing the solution bundles is  
not something that can realistically be done via the medium of *specs*.

> RDF "Next Steps" should be all about scoped learning material and
> deployment. There were several workshop submissions (e.g. by Jeremy,
> Lee, and Richard) that mentioned this issue, but the workshop outcome
> seems to be purely technical. Too bad.

In all fairness, the workshop was specifically about figuring out what  
changes and additions to the RDF core specifications make sense, and  
it was limited by a tight schedule. Better learning material and  
similar work items were not in scope.

W3C is running a number of XGs and IGs, which are in a position to  
produce marketing and teaching materials. Do you have proposals for  
concrete things that the existing groups should tackle?


> Benji
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> Benjamin Nowack

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