Re: "destabilizing core technologies: was Re: An RDF wishlist

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 11:13 AM, Bob Ferris <> wrote:
> Hi Ian,
>> But now people are seeing some of
>> the data being made available in browseable form e.g. at
>> or dbpedia and saying, "I want to make one of those".
> I don't really believe that people would say after browsing dbpedia "I want
> to make one of those". That's not the User Experience users expect to get.
> Please remember the "Semantic-Web-UI" discussion last time. People are
> tending to use/experience richer visualisations of the
> data/knowledge/information in the background. I hear often, especially in
> the last time, the term 'story telling' - and that's it, I think.

Actually there is a class of people that do say that. They want to be
the "dbpedia of X", whatever X is. No matter how much we can criticise
dbpedia for its appearance or data quality, we have to applaud the
fact that it defined a new category of service.


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