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On 18 Aug 2010, at 08:31, Michael Schneider wrote:

> Hi Henry!
> I can see that all you do is creating declarations of the form "xsd:DDD
> rdf:type rdfs:Datatype" plus rdfs:commentS. Did you consider also taking the relationships between the different XSD datatypes into account, in terms of rdfs:subClassOf axioms?

For my purpose I don't really need it (yet...)
But this is definitively what I wouild expect from an xsd ontology.

>  <>
> (This is XSD 1.0. I can see from your ontology that you refer to this older version and not to XSD 1.1, which has not yet been published as a W3C Recommendation.)

Ah thanks. It looks like the namespace is the same in that document, so presumably the meanings of the xsd datatypes have not changed. Is it just an improved documentation? (answer: yes, it says so at the top of the spec)

I was going to try two write an XSPARQL to extract the definitions. I'll do that if I get time.

It seems to me though that this document should be updated with RDFa with links to the various XSLTs and so on, and placed at the namespace location.


> Cheers,
> Michael

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