Equivalence relations between sub- and superproperties


I got a question about modelling relations between properties in an
ontology. Basically, I want to model an equivalence relation between
two superproperties and one subproperty.

To be more concrete: I got one property p₁ which is subproperty of two
different superproperties p₂ and p₃. With this it is said that every
relation between A and B where:

A p₁ B


A p₂ B and A p₃ B.

This is easy to state with rdfs:subPropertyOf. But how do I
additionally state the other way round that when there are two
relations between A and B a third relation necessarily follows out of
that? So that when:

A p₂ B and A p₃ B

it follows:

A p₁ B

Basically, logically spoken: I want to represent an equivalence
relation between the conjunction of two superproperties and one
subproperty which in formal logical language would look something like

R₁ab ∧ R₂ab ⇔ R₃ab

(How) can I model this in OWL?


Received on Monday, 9 August 2010 09:25:31 UTC