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eClassOWL 5.1.4 Ontology for Products and Services

From: Martin Hepp (UniBW) <martin.hepp@ebusiness-unibw.org>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 21:17:11 +0200
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Dear all:

eClassOWL, initially released in 2004, has since been the most 
comprehensive and mature Web ontology for types of products and 
services. It defines classes for more than 30,000 product types and more 
than 5,000 properties for product features.

Under the hood, eClassOWL is a non-trivial transformation of the eCl@ss 
standard [1].

eClassOWL complements the GoodRelations ontology [2] in the sense that
- eClassOWL can be used to describe the product type and features, and
- GoodRelations can be used to describe the offer and other commercial 

We just replaced the pretty dated documentation and primer Web page at


so that it better explains the interplay with GoodRelations etc. and is 
based on the current state of Web engineering.

The full theoretical background is described in [3] and [4].

- eClassOWL 5.1.4 is based on eClass 5.1.4, while the latest version of 
eCl@ss is now 6.1.
- We are discussing an official release of eClassOWL 6.x these days, but 
it may take a while.
- Due to backward compatibility issues, eClassOWL 5.1.4 still uses hash 
URIs and is pretty large (in total > 60,000 classes, 30 - 70 MB file 
size depending on the format). As per the nature of hash URI-based 
ontologies, any application dereferencing a single element will always 
request the full file. This will change in any future release, but is a 
limitation of the current state.
- Due to licensing issues, eClassOWL 5.1.4 is available freely for 
research purposes only. Commercial usages will require a bilateral 
agreement with eCl@ss e.V.

We would like to thank eClass e.V., in particular Friedhelm Hausmann and 
Thomas Einsporn, and Jos de Bruijn, doug foxvog, Axel Polleres, and Amit 
Sheth for their kind support and feedback over the seven years of the 
project. The work on eClassOWL was partly funded by Florida Gulf Cost 
University, by the European Commission under the project DIP (FP6 - 
507483), and by the Trans IT Entwicklungs- und Transfercenter at the 
University of Innsbruck.

Best wishes

Martin Hepp and Andreas Radinger

[1] http://www.eclass-online.com/
[2] http://purl.org/goodrelations/
[3] Hepp, Martin; de Bruijn, Jos: GenTax: A Generic Methodology for 
Deriving OWL and RDF-S Ontologies from Hierarchical Classifications, 
Thesauri, and Inconsistent Taxonomies, Proceedings of the 4th European 
Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2007), June 3-7, 2007, Innsbruck, Austria, 
Springer LNCS, Vol. 4519, pp. 129-144, 2007.
PDF: http://www.heppnetz.de/files/hepp-de-bruijn-ESWC2007-gentax-CRC.pdf

[4] Hepp, Martin: Products and Services Ontologies: A Methodology for 
Deriving OWL Ontologies from Industrial Categorization Standards, in: 
Int'l Journal on Semantic Web & Information Systems (IJSWIS), Vol. 2, 
No. 1, pp. 72-99, January-March 2006.

martin hepp
e-business&  web science research group
universitaet der bundeswehr muenchen

e-mail:  hepp@ebusiness-unibw.org
phone:   +49-(0)89-6004-4217
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www:     http://www.unibw.de/ebusiness/ (group)
          http://www.heppnetz.de/ (personal)
skype:   mfhepp
twitter: mfhepp

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ISWC 2009 Tutorial: The Web of Data for E-Commerce in Brief: A Hands-on 
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