Re: twitter's annotation and metadata

Juan Sequeda wrote:
> Hopefully everybody has heard that Twitter will release some annotation
> feature which will allow to add metadata to each tweet.
> I just read this blog post
> <>and the following
> caught my attention: "There aren’t any rules as to what can be in this
> metadata. YET. All the devs I’ve talked to say they expect Twitter to
> “bless” namespaces so the industry will have one common way to describe
> common things"
> I'm just wondering what people here think about this.

I think it's also worth focussing on the push to online identity and
access control etc through OAuth+twitter, for all involved a simple
oauth + username combo is much easier in every way than openid, foaf+ssl
and the likes.

Not only that but it's rolled out to the masses, and already implemented
in many places + gaining much more traction than anything related.

One thing it does point out though, is that with an implementation of
twitter metadata it may be possible to construct the triple:

  @username foaf:account_of <webid>

caveat: there is no foaf:account_of ??

Quite sure there is some scope for FOAF+SSL, FOAF+OAuth+Twitter or
security upgrade and downgrade between the different protocols. The
precise details of which I haven't thought of yet.



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