Re: XML problems with percent encoding

thank you very much, this will actually work. I tested it with OWL API 
and Raptor
and they both can read and reserialize it (Jena can also).
OWL API even puts it in the header:

So, I guess, this is a valid workaround, although it results in a 
strange rule for URI designers:
"If your encoded URIs contain any % followed by two numbers, add an 
But well, maybe focus will be on Turtle some day.

@Matthias, please use the underscore
(maybe we should even use it for all Korean (and other languages than 
English) properties as it should be uniform)

Many thanks,

Damian Steer schrieb:
> Sebastian Hellmann wrote:
>> Hello,
>>> You could look at adding an _
>>> ( for the problem
>>> cases, or add a fragment
>>> ( The latter has
>>> its own issues, so I'd try the former.
>>> Damian
>> Does not seem to work, see below (third last line). 
>>     <dbp:_%EA%B4%91%EC%9E%90>4.5</dbp:_%EA%B4%91%EC%9E%90>
>>   </Lager>
>> </rdf:RDF>
> Sorry Sebastian, fingers didn't type what I was thinking:
> <j.0:_
> xmlns:j.0="">4.5</j.0:_>
> Damian

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