Re: RDF 2 Wishlist: Turtle Syntax

2009/11/2 Lee Feigenbaum <>:

> But really, I'm not so sure the lack of blessing on these various
> alternative syntaxes has been too big an interoperability headache.... has
> it?

In the wild the most complaints I've heard, and the biggest
misunderstandings, have been through RDF/XML syntax. It works, and it
can be understood (and danbri has a nice history doc somewhere) but
it's horrible compared to most serialisations of stuff.

I'm not a huge fan of e.g. JSON (because namespaces/URIs aren't built
in) but the rest of the world is.

The tasty bits of RDF aren't immediately accessible through an XML parser.

(you know damn well I've been an RDF/XML advocate for years, position
shifted m'fraid)



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