Group Seeks Sway Over E-Records System: semantic web/linked data overlooked?

Washington Post: May 21, 2009 Health Care Reform 2009: Group Seeks Sway Over E-Records System:

This interesting article details the
intention of the CCHIT, a certification body for IT in health care to
determine who gets funding for electronic health record equipment or not.

The health care field, which is closely linked to pharmaceutical, biotech and biomedical fields is a potentially huge consumer of linked open data.

Yet a quick online scan of CCHIT yields very little mention of institutional support for semantic web and linked open data.

Which ICT certification bodies for medical health care and general health care deal with linked open data and semantic web technology in the USA?

It would seem that there still is a lot of lobbying to be done in this important field.

In particular because it is one field where typically a lot of resources or subsidies could be allocated.

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