Re: bootstrapping decentralized sparql

> for graphs which use a (specific) FOAF term.  It's a bit like
> PingTheSemanticWeb or Sindice, but decentralized based on the ontologies
> used.


Isnt this like saying  "why set up  an infrastructure with
professional developers and administrators,  in a backed up , UPSed
.. when you can ask each ontology creator to do the same."

> The result here will be that a query for a foaf:Person with a
> foaf:firstName of "Sandro" can be *complete*, at least across all graphs
> which choose to register themselves as having data about instances of
> the foaf:Person class and triples using the foaf:firstName property.

please explain how this that you describe is different from what's
possible already


Received on Sunday, 17 May 2009 01:06:49 UTC