[ANN] Linking Open Data Triplification Challenge 2009


We'd like to draw your attention to the second edition of the Linking Open
Data Triplification Challenge, again collocated with the I-Semantics [1]

Please see http://triplify.org/Challenge/2009 for details on submission and
prices. Note that submission deadline is 9 August 2009.

With the recent uptake of structured data/RDF by major players such as
Google the motivation for exposing relational data and other structured data
sources on the Web entered a new stage. We encourage participants to publish
existing structured (relational) representations, which are already backing
most of the existing Web sites and demonstrate useful and usable
applications on top of it.

The challenge awards attractive prices (MacBook Air or 1000€, and other
prices) to the most innovative and promising triplifications. We thank our
sponsors Ontos AG [2] and Punkt.NetServices [3] for supporting this

Michael (on behalf of the Organizing Committee)

[1] http://www.i-semantics.at
[2] http://www.ontos.com/
[3] http://www.punkt.at/


Dr. Michael Hausenblas
DERI - Digital Enterprise Research Institute
National University of Ireland, Lower Dangan,
Galway, Ireland, Europe
Tel. +353 91 495730

Received on Saturday, 16 May 2009 09:04:37 UTC