Re: Yet Another LOD cloud browser


On 16/05/2009 00:51, "Sherman Monroe" <> wrote:

>> I donıt think I can give your browser any URI I choose that resolves using
>> http to a typical LD document?
>> If not, it is not a linked data browser.
> Under this strict definition (which I am now inclined to accept, in that I do
> believe misuse of these monikers can indeed derail the original LOD vision),
Very generous of you.
> no linked data browser exists nor has anyone met the formidable challenge of
> producing one (or please cite if you know of any). So I suppose we will need a
> new classification for my browser :) Would you like to offer suggestions?
I would suggest the following, although I'm sure there are more:
Zitgist Data Viewer
OpenLink Data Explorer
Tabulator (Firefox only)
> Thanks so much for your patience in clarifying this point.
It's been a real pleasure to have the discussion.
>> I used to have a mantra: ³Putting the Web into Semantic Web².
>> It now seems I need to say ³Putting the Web back into Linked Data², or even
>> ³Putting the Web into the Web of Data².
> LOL!
> -sherman

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