Re: Yet Another LOD cloud browser

Kingsley wrote:

There are half a dozen Entities across N graphs in the Quad Store. The UI
> issue here is that we don't show the source Graphs in the results page.
> Reason, we know we can actually provide distinct results cheaper than
> listing the Graph Names etc..
> Your timing is borderline impeccable, we will actually be releasing the
> Distinct optimization that showcases what I mean. Anyway, for now, when you
> select one of the Microsofts from DBpedia graphs, click on the "Stats" link,
> it will give you a back door view of where the data has come from.
David, also keep in mind that this is one of the benefits of set-based
browsing. If I have a results set of twenty synonymous URIs representing
Microsoft, for someone researching Microsoft, such a list would be a
goldmine, because I can click razorbase -> Information and view all
information for all 20 versions of that one entity simultaneously. In fact,
when I get sparse results for an entity, I always click the razorbase ->
Information -> "Alternative Identities" (e.g. owl:sameAs) and also I look
under the reverse properties for the same, to pull any alias that I may not
be away of.

> As always, enjoy chatting with you :-)

Indeed, the LOD owes a lot to your work!!


Received on Friday, 15 May 2009 22:57:24 UTC