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From: John Goodwin <John.Goodwin@ordnancesurvey.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 11:22:23 +0100
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To: "Steve Harris" <steve.harris@garlik.com>
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> On 12 May 2009, at 10:49, John Goodwin wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I was just curious how many OWL sceptics we have in the LOD 
> community? 
> > Rightly or wrongly I get the impression there are a few?
> >
> OWL hasn't historically been very practical over large 
> datasets, but I have high hopes for some of the new dialects in OWL2.

Yes - hopefully OWL2RL and/or OWL2QL will help here. 

> > I've been integrating various LOD resource for a small demo at work 
> > and have come to the realisation than a bit of relatively 
> simple OWL 
> > goes a long way in making the integration process more 
> complete. Not 
> > that is was a great surprise really, but you soon realise that 
> > owl:sameAs only gets you so far. IMHO we really need to get 
> OWL into 
> > the LOD mix for linking vocabularies/ontologies as well as 
> data at the 
> > instance level. RDFS is not enough.
> >
> There are some issues around here, my understanding is that 
> owl:sameAs is used a bit liberally in the LOD world as it is. 
> In principle it seems like a good idea though.

Owl:sameAs is used very liberally - maybe used of owl:disjoint will spot
a few errors. But could it be that owl:sameAs is used liberally because
the classes are not fully defined enough to give people enough
information to make the right links?

> > Other simple examples of needing OWL with LOD are genealogy. I've 
> > started to convert my family tree into RDF, e.g.:
> >
> > http://www.johngoodwin.me.uk/family/I0265
> > http://www.johngoodwin.me.uk/family/I0243
> >
> > A bit of OWL e.g.:
> >
> > Parent = foaf:Person and isParentOf some foaf:Person
> >
> > isParentOf o isBrotherOf -> isUncleOf
> >
> > Uncle = foaf:Person and isUncleOf some foaf:Person
> >
> > Would save me writing long SPARQL queries for find instances of 
> > Parent, Uncle etc.
> >
> Sure, seems like a good idea, that can be better done in the 
> local processor I would have thought though, rather than at 
> the LOD level?

Agreed - at least at first!


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