Re: IKS Project Requirements Workshop 28-29 May 2009

Hello everyone,

My employer is working with the EU-funded IKS project to try and create 
a open source reference implementation of the relevent W3C standards for 
the semantic web to be used or adapted for open source CRM systems.  If 
you have experience with semantic web standards and open source CMS 
system design, they would love for you to attend their requirements 
gathering workshop in Austria at the end of the month.  Below is the 

Ryan Singer

EU-funded IKS Project Invites Open Source CMS to Workshop on Semantic 

The European "IKS" Project ("Interactive Knowledge Stack") is inviting 
Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community members to a workshop on 
May 28-29 in Salzburg, Austria.  At this workshop IKS would like to 
achieve some consensus on "semantic requirements" for open source 
content management systems.

There are already over 30 confirmed participants who will during the 
workshop gather requirements as the first development step towards an 
open source technology stack for semantic-enabled open-source CMS.

If you think you should be at the IKS workshop, find more information 
and a contact at

About IKS Project

Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) is an Open Source project to speed the 
implementation and broaden the reach of the semantic web across Europe 
and beyond. Funded in part by a €6.58m grant from the European Union, 
the project targets the thousands of SME companies across Europe who 
provide content and knowledge management technology. Its aim is to 
develop an open flexible technology framework that allows these 
companies to enable their products to deliver semantic-web-enabled, 
intelligent content. Downstream, this will provide a greater choice of 
cost effective solutions for organisations looking to implement 
semantic-web-enabled sites and applications, and bring significant 
benefits to millions of content consumers.

IKS is developed by a core consortium of seven research partners and six 
industrial partners involving six open source CMS providers and actively 
encourages corporate and individual participation in the project.

For more information visit the website at:

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