Re: Interfaces to explore the LoD

Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> Daniel Schwabe wrote:
>> Hi Kingsley (and all)
>> Just a reminder - You can also explore the LoD, including 
>>, by adding the SPARQL endpoint address in 
>> Explorator ([1] has a short video and a link to the interface 
>> itself). Just (go Menu->Repositories) and add the URL for the endpoint.
>> It is capable of doing faceted navigation, set based navigation, and 
>> more.
>> We are in the process of upgrading the server to be able to support 
>> more concurrent users, but it's usable right now. Because of SPARQL 
>> server delays and timeouts, we have added a number of demo 
>> repositories locally as well (go Menu->Repositories); there is a 
>> local copy of the (older) DBPedia running on Virtuoso, locally.
>> Cheers
>> Daniel
>> [1]
> Noted.
> BTW - Do you have a screencast demo anywhere?
Yes, it is linked from that URL, but here is the direct link:


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