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Sören Auer wrote:
> Ian Davis wrote:
>> Very nice. How long do you think it will take for the entire dataset
>> to be available?
> The complete OSM dataset amounting roughly 3B triples is now available 
> from:
> As already noted earlier, however, for most use cases the LGD Elements 
> dataset might be the more interesting and manageable one.
> --Sören

LGD crosslinks to DBpedia have now been added to the DBpedia 3.3 
instance. Re. SPARQL endpoint the Graph IRI: <>

The complete LGD dump is currently being loading into the LOD Cloud 
Cache instance at: The graph IRI will be the 
same as above. This instance is where you get the richest experience 
since all the data will be locally accessible while exposing a URI to 
original source via the value of @href associated with text pattern 
"xx"  in "About: xxx" re. our HTML based metadata explorer pages.

Example Metadata Explorer page;

Example Query:

select * from <> { 
<> ?p ?o }



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