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Dear Danny,

Danny Ayers wrote:
> So Kingsley, you know this stuff. OpenLink provides good products. Oh yes.
> This is so in your scope, dude...ready?
> plug&play out of the box e-commerce solution.
> Personally I'd grumble a bit with Martin's modelling, but it is
> usable. The Good Relations vocab is good enough.
Thanks - if you could serialize the grumbling into change requests, that 
would help ;-)

Seriously, any suggestions for improvement are welcome!

Note that GoodRelations tries to strike a balance between

a)  a clean, reusable conceptual model and
b) ease of creating annotations / populating knowledge bases from 
existing sources.

In case of conflict, a) is more important for GoodRelations than b), 
because most transformations will take place in scripts anyway, and for 
simplifying, we have several shortcuts like gr:includes now.

The key goal is that the data can be reused in as many contexts as 
possible, so GoodRelations maintains conceptual distinctions that e.g. 
commerce microformats don't (for example, product makes and models vs. 
actual products). That may be a bit of the burden initially, but will 
pay out in the long run.
> Front end a la Amazon, back end triples. Linked triples.
Exactly. On a massive scale.
> Make it so - I reckon it could be a huge earner.
I think so ;-) By the way: also for society, because the future wealth 
of developed economies will depend on our ability to coordinate the 
exchange of highly specific goods and services at much lower costs than 
today. Note that there is economic evidence that 50% of the US GDP goes 
into maintaining the infrastructure and institutions for exchange and trade.

"The World Wide Web and the Wealth of Nations: Does IT Matter?"
> Cheers,
> Danny.

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