VoCamp, creating new vocabularies, Nice, France, 24th and 25th September 2009

The 10th VoCamp and the first in France will take place in Nice on the 
French Riviera the 24th and 25th September 2009.

VoCamp is a series of free informal events where people can spend some 
time creating and maintaining lightweight 
vocabularies/ontologies/thesauruses for the Semantic Web/Web of 
Data/Linked Open Data. (see http://vocamp.org/ )

The VoCamp idea is influenced by BarCamp but is oriented to hands-on 
technical work and practical outputs to publish new vocabularies. The 
emphasis of the events is not on creating the perfect ontology in a 
particular domain, but on creating vocabularies that are good enough for 
people to start using for publishing data on the Web.

VoCamps are free for participants. Sign up by going to the website 
(attendance is limited to 30 people at the moment so be quick):

Fabien - http://fabien.info

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