Re: Excellent News for LOD: Yahoo Provides Tool for RDFa+GoodRelations for Site Owners

Hi Danny,
Note that the value proposition of more structure and a higher link 
density in commerce data is not even tougher price comparison shopping, 
but "deep comparison shopping" - a better match between the diversity of 
offers and their individual value proposion on one hand and the 
diversity of consumer preferences on the other hand. The current web 
forces us to reduce the search space prematurely to very few makes and 
models and then watch for the price only, because we cannot search and 
compare across sites.

See the my sketchy "Deep Comparison Shopping" presentation at

Danny Ayers wrote:
> Chipping in a little late - yep, this really is excellent news.
> E-commerce was a huge driver for the Web (/me sidesteps the bust),
> there's every reason it could be a shot in the arm for the semweb too.
> Also the lure of shopkeeper $$$s makes this kind of thing great
> pedagogical material - note the old MS demo Northwind database (btw
> RDFized by Kingsley & co.) and Java EE Pet Store [1].
> Speaking of $$$s, I reckon there's a significant market opening for an
> out-of-the-box semweb-enabled online store 'solution'.
> Incidentally I've still not got around to figuring out the part-whole
> product description as mentioned at [2] (s/Tinocaster/Vinocaster -
> there was a preexisting Tinocaster :) so any suggestions there would
> still be appreciated.
Yep, the fully composition & substitution ontology is still on my 
agenda, but not top priority.
Note that GoodRelations already offers basic patterns for modeling

- bundles ("one bottle of red wine, a pizza, and an iPhone for $500") 
via gr:includesObject
- spare parts via gr:isAccessoryOrSparePartFor
- related products via gr:isSimilarTo
- consumables via gr:isConsumableFor


> Cheers,
> Danny.
> [1]
> [2]

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