dog food and definitions

I am workin on a write up (deadline tomorrow) looking on the w3c website for
an official W3C definiton of terms like 'semantic web'
that I can quote and work with. The only one I find is here and says:

*The Web of data with meaning in the sense that a computer program can learn
> enough about what the data means to process it. *

(the design issues paper listed below appears not uptodate)

I think it may  deliberatelly not overspecified to allow for wider
interpretation but I  wonder if this is the only 'official' definition, and
if so, I wonder if technical definitions would it benefit from further
defined/specified at some point and as such listed prominently where they
can be found/accesses ( html/rdf )

then I wonder whether there is any W3C glossary/controlled vocabulary that
the different workgroups work with
(I know we are considering one for the EIIF XG) , and finally it dawns on me
that perhaps these definitions should be wrapped in RDF and become living
seed/examples of what we are doing/talking about?

Homework for my next Vocamp perhaps?

Sorry if I am missing something obvious......

Thanks a lot

Received on Sunday, 12 July 2009 18:34:05 UTC