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http://wperrin.blogspot.com/2009/07/open-digital-iraq-inquiry.html well 
worth reading, and thinking about the tools needed to support such an 

	"How could his new Iraq inquiry use modern online methods to better 
Lord Hutton and become a model for digital transparency?"
	"This post is inspired by Sir Tim Berners Lee's recent note on 
publishing government data and my late night experience of marking up my 
MPs expenses on the Guardian's superb crowdsourced expenses website."

	"Metadata, like making dictionaries is dull work. But the inquiry can 
insist on the format of information sent to it electronically. If it 
were to ask for basic metadata in each document it would greatly speed 
their prioritisation and later re examination. What metadata should be 
in each file?"



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Excellent post from Will Perrin on how a modern government inquiry
should public its evidence/proceedings


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