Re: Explicit RDF property for "literal has datatype D"?

Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> I tend to write these examples as
> _:x p xsd:date .
> _:x owl:sameAs  "2008-01-01" .
> Semantically that has a literal as the subject, and it works around the 
> legacy syntactic restriction
> Unfortunately the reasoning required to make this work means that simple 
> RDF systems may well not get it.

Hmmm... doesn't this lead to an inference something like xsd:date being the same 
as xsd:string?

Well, not that exactly, but "2008-01-01" is a plain literal and hence 
self-denoting.  Then the thing _:x denotes is hence (a) exactly "2008-01-01", 
and (b) in the value space of xsd:date, which I'm not aware of including lexical 
forms - is my birthday a string?


Received on Monday, 6 July 2009 18:06:48 UTC