ISWC 2009 student fellowships

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Although nothing is yet official, I want prospective applicants to be 
aware that both the US National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Semantic 
Web Science Association (SWSA) plan to contribute funds to support 
participation by full-time students in ISWC 2009. SWSA and NSF anticipate 
providing 10,000 Euro and $20,000 respectively, with NSF funds being 
earmarked to support students enrolled at U.S. Universities. We
anticipate that the SWSA funds will support 15 awards of 600-800 Euro, and 
that the NSF funds will support 13 awards of approximately $1500.

Confirmation of the funding, as well as details on how to apply will be 
found at

Last year's student fellows made significant contributions to the 
conference, and we look forward to this year's fellows being similarly 
engaged. In selecting applications for travel support, preference will be 
given to students selected to participate in the doctoral consortium, 
followed by students who are first author on a paper accepted at the 
conference, followed by students who have other authorship on a conference 
or workshop paper.

Applications are due August 21, with notification of success by Sept. 7.

Questions should be directed to .

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