Re: RDF-EASE draft updated

Toby A Inkster wrote:
> I've restructured the parsing algorithm. This used to loop through the 
> rules in the RDF-EASE file, find the DOM nodes each rule selected and 
> then apply the RDF-EASE properties to the node. Now it loops though the 
> DOM, finds the rules in the RDF-EASE file that apply to it, and then 
> applies the RDF-EASE properties to the node. Seems like a minor and 
> unimportant change, but it will ensure that each DOM node is visited 
> only once on that crawl - and do so in a predictable order - which will 
> make it easier to resolve one of the other items on my todo list in the 
> next few days.

Section 5 should be informative IMHO. Just for an example, one may want 
to avoid in-memory (i.e. DOM) representations of XHTML documents and 
instead parse the RDF-EASE file first, then use a streaming API like SAX 
to read the input XHTML and produce whatever it wants to.



Received on Saturday, 3 January 2009 16:04:21 UTC