Re: cloud resources

> In the end, I don't even "own" the URIs I mint, even if I own the domain.

also most never own a domain, deferring to domains like google/myspace/facebook

the top 5 domains probably contain 95% of user generated content, no?

thats certainly not very weblike. its a mainframe that happens to use a JS/DOM runtime for critical-mass-installed-base reasons..

can you point me to some discussions on preserving "uniform resource identifier",

when decoupling the URI from a static DNS cartel-heirarchy (inherent even in so-called mainframe-nee-cloud solutions from AMZNGOOGORCL)

layer cake with IPV6 <- HIP (host ID decoupled from IP address) <- p2p/cloud layer TBD

Received on Monday, 9 February 2009 16:36:52 UTC