ANN: New GoodRelations and Generic RDF/RDFa Tools

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Dear all:

In the past year, we released a lot of tools in the context of the
GoodRelations vocabulary ( that may be of
wider interest. All tools are available on-line and most are also
released as sourcecode under LPGL.

1. Generic Tools

a) RDF2DataRSS:
Yahoo accepts RDF only as either RDFa embedded into existing Web pages
or via their proprietary DataRSS feed format. The RDF2DataRSS tool turns
any RDF data submitted as RDF/XML or Turtle/N3 into such Yahoo feeds and
can be used to submit RDF/XML into Yahoo's SearchMonkey index.

b) RDF2RDFa converter:
This tool creates handy snippets of invisible RDFa from RDF/XML content
such that the RDF can be pasted easily into any existing page without
hard-wiring it with the HTML page mark-up.

2. Tools for Creating GoodRelations Data

a) Google Product Feed Converter:
Many shops are already exposing their product and price information in
one of the proprietary Google feed formats (RSS 1.0, 2.0 / CSV-based).
With our tool, you can generate GoodRelations RDF/XML data from that
data. That can be particularly interesting for adding RDF export to
existing shops easily.

b) BMEcat2GoodRelations converter:
BMEcat is a popular XML Schema Definition (and DTD) for exchanging
catalog data between enterprises in B2B settings. Many PIM, shop, and
ERP software packages can create BMEcat XML documents. This tool
transforms a BMEcat catalog into a GoodRelations-variant in RDF/XML.
It can reuse / preserve more features than any other tool.

By the way, a free tool for creating BMEcat catalogs is at (in German only,

c) GoodRelations Annotator:
A straightforward form-based Web application that creates a detailed
company / business profile in RDFa and RDF/XML.

d) Plug-ins / Extensions for Shop Software:
    * osCommerce Shop Software:

    * Joomla/Virtuemart CMS/Shop combo:

    * Magento shop software:
      Contact Uwe Stoll, (demo shop at

3. GoodRelations-compliant Domain Ontologies for Vertical Industries

a) ClassOWL 5.1.4 Products and Services Ontology
    * OWL or HTML:
      (Warning: The file is very large - 38.3 MB for RDF/XML and 71.8 MB
for HTML):

    * ZIP: OWL+HTML:
      (eClassOWL 5.1.4 ontology and documentation, compressed  - OWL +
HTML, zip, 4.7 MB):

b) freeClassOWL - Ontology of Construction and Building Materials
      (add .html / .owl if content negotiation should fail)

c) Consumer Electronics Ontology (CEO)
      (add .html / .owl if content negotiation should fail)

3. Applications for Inspecting and Consuming GoodRelations Data

a) iGoogr: "Imagine Google was using the GoodRelations vocabulary for
A quick demo of how Google search results could be improved by
GoodRelations meta-data; also useful for inspecting your own page,
because it fetches and parses RDFa in real-time.

b) GoodRelations Statistics
A tool that collects and exposes detailed data on the popularity of
GoodRelations elements in the wild (with RDFa export of the stats!).

c) GoodRelations Validator (alpha)
A tool that spots semantic inconsistencies in GoodRelations data beyond
the axioms of the ontology.

Much more is on our agenda for 2010, so please stay tuned by
    * bookmarking and
    * subscribing to .

Best wishes

Martin Hepp

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