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Re: independent semantic software evaluation frameworks?

From: Pieter De Leenheer <pdeleenh@vub.ac.be>
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 09:57:02 +0200
To: "Abdoul" <abdoul@cytanet.com.cy>
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In any case, we must not end up there...._again_.

Ontologies are not datamodels. Data models are sharable between  
applications because they define an agreement on the meaning of the  
data being exchanged. Similarly, ontologies should be sharable by  
stakeholders in a community (each having their own data models and  
applications) by defining an agreement on the meaning of the various  
data models.

This requires a balance between (upper) ontologies and lower  
ontologies: Upper ontologies refer to context-independent and language  
neutral concepts. Such inter-organisational agreements exist already  
in certain sectors. Lower ontologies specialise these upper ontologies  
for pragmatic purposes, such as the alignment between sectors in a  
certain context. The latter are more dependent on organisational  

This approach of course contradicts the the network (Web) economy,that  
is characterised by the heterogeneity, distributedness, and autonomy  
of stakeholders. This may call for a methodology, i.e. a standard  
procedure to follow when reusing standards, etc.

In any case the problem is rather social/cultural/organisational than  
merely technical.

On 09 Aug 2009, at 23:55, Abdoul wrote:

> PwC: Do you sense some danger that we could have a lot of enthusiasm  
> here and end up with a lot of non-compatible ontologies? Are we  
> going to enter a period where there will need to be some sort of  
> master data model, a master ontology model effort?

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