Last Call: rdf:text

The OWL Working Group and the Rule Interchance Format (RIF) Working
Group have jointly published a Last Call Working Draft of rdf:text: A
Datatype for Internationalized Text:
This datatype, compatible with XML Schema 1.1 Datatypes, is used within
RIF and OWL 2 to provide support for text in various languages and
scripts (identified by a BCP 47 tag such as "fr" for French). The
document defines the datatype, discusses its relationship to RDF Plain
Literals and the XML Schema string datatype, and specifies functions
(compatible with XPath) for operating on rdf:text data values.

Note that even though the datatype is in the rdf: namespace and is in a
sense general-purpose, to avoid impacting existing systems, the
specification places limits on how rdf:text can be used in RDF
serializations and protocols.

Please send any comments to by May 12.

    -- Sandro Hawke, W3C Staff Contact for RIF and OWL

Received on Tuesday, 21 April 2009 16:12:40 UTC