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AI Mashup Challenge 2009 - Call for submissions and participation

From: Pascal Hitzler <hitzler@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de>
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2009 22:09:55 +0200
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To: Pascal Hitzler <hitzler@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de>
CC: "Prof. Dr. Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer" <brigitte.endres-niggemeyer@fh-hannover.de>, Valentin Zacharias <Zacharias@fzi.de>
AI Mashup Challenge 2009

at the Annual (German) AI conference <http://ki2009.uni-paderborn.de/> 
in Paderborn, Germany, September 15th, 2009

Deadline: July 15, 2009 (but contact us asap about your intention to 

Prizes for the best mashups, sponsored by Liguatec, O'Reilly, T3N.

For more details, see <http://www.ki09.de> and the long text below.

See you in Paderborn!

Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer
Valentin Zacharias
Pascal Hitzler
- co-organisers

AI 2009 Mashup Challenge


A mashup is a lightweight (web) application that offers new 
functionality by combining, aggregating and transforming data and 
services available on the web. For example the prototypical mashup 
iMusicMash <http://www.japaninyourpalm.com/cgi-bin/itunes/#_home> brings 
together data on artists from Yahoo Search, Eventful, Twitter and 
Wikipedia for a music reference that can be accessed from iPhones and 
Android phones. Another well known mashup 
<http://chicago.everyblock.com/> combines real estate listings with all 
kinds of data about a city and displays them jointly on a map - allowing 
prospective house buyers to quickly gauge an area where a particular 
house is located. See <http://www.ki09> for more  examples on mashups.

AI Mashup Challenge - Topics Of Interest

The AI mashups challenge accepts mashups that use AI technology, 
including but not restricted to machine learning and data mining, 
machine vision, natural language processing, reasoning, ontologies and 
the semantic web.

Imagine for example:

     * The use of information extraction or automatic text summarization 
to create a task-oriented overview mashup for mobile devices.
     * The use of Semantic Web technology and data sources to make use 
of the large amounts of structured data available on the web.
     * The use of existing background knowledge (such as ontologies, 
WordNet or Cyc) to improve search and content combination.
     * The use of machine translation technology for the creation of 
mashups that cross language borders.
     * The use of machine vision technology for novel ways of 
aggregating images (e.g. a map of the world with the most recent happy 
faces for all countries).
     * The planning of whole travel itineraries from available hotels 
and transport offers.
     * The use of text-to-speech technology to create a voice mashup 
that speaks with intelligent and emotional intonation.
     * The display of Pub Med articles on a map based on geographic 
entity detection (e.g. showing where tropical diseases like dengue are 
studied and where the diseases occur).


     * Immediately - contact us at challenge@ki09.de to discuss your idea.
     * July 15.: At the latest - submit the URL of your mashup and a 
short description, detailing in particular the use of AI technology. 
Submit by just sending everything to challenge@ki09.de.
     * August 1.: Feedback on your submission (at the latest, we strive 
to give feedback as soon as we get your submission)
     * September 15.: Conference - lightning talks, presentations, 
prizes and PARTY

'The Process'

     * There will be no formal review process, only a check by the 
organization committee whether a particular mashup is within the scope 
of the challenge. Please send us a description of your intended mashup 
(max. 1 page, in English) as soon as possible. Explain its AI 
components, state the technology you want to apply and tell us your 
future mashup's URL. Submit by just sending everything to challenge@ki09.de.
     * Prepare the mashup and submit it until 15.7.2009. The organizers 
expect a note containing the URL of the finished mashup.
     * By Aug 1st, the accepted mashups will be made available to the 
participants of the KI-2009 conference.
     * You will present your mashup in a lightning talk at the conference.
     * The prizes of the mashup challenge will be determined through a 
vote of the participants of the KI 2009 conference.

Sponsors and Prizes

There will be prizes for the best mashups. Linguatec, O'Reilly and T3N 
have generously already agreed to sponsor this challenge. However, we 
have not yet settled on the final prizes ... stay tuned.
The winners will be determined by the participants themselves: one 
person, one vote.

For up-to-date information, see <http://www.ki09.de/>.

PD Dr. Pascal Hitzler
Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe (TH), 76128 Karlsruhe
email: hitzler@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de    fax: +49 721 608 6580
web:   http://www.pascal-hitzler.de   phone: +49 721 608 4751
Springer Lehrbuch:      http://www.semantic-web-grundlagen.de
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