Amazon to host public data sets in the cloud for free

could this be a cool way to make great datasets such as the DBpedia, the
YARS2 dataset, 'normal' Wikipedia etc. even better and wider available?

"AWS Hosted Public Data Sets provide a convenient way to share, access, and
use public data within your Amazon EC2 environment. Select public data sets
are hosted on AWS for free as an Amazon EBS snapshot. Any Amazon EC2
customer can access this data by creating their own personal Amazon EBS
volume from a publicly shared Amazon EBS public data set snapshot. They can
then access, modify, and perform computation on these data sets directly
using an Amazon EC2 instance and just pay for the compute and storage
resources that they use."

(EBS=Elastic Block Store, like a harddisk in the cloud), see also



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Received on Monday, 24 November 2008 11:44:02 UTC