Re: DBpedia 3.2 release, including DBpedia Ontology and RDF links to Freebase

As anybody considered reusing the DBpedia ontology?

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> John,
> Here's an observation from a bystander ...
> On 17 Nov 2008, at 17:17, John Goodwin wrote:
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>> This is also a good example of where (IMHO) the domain was perhaps over
>> specified. For example all sorts of things could have publishers, and not
>> the ones listed here. I worry that if you reuse DBpedia "publisher"
>> elsewhere you could get some undesired inferences.
> But are the DBpedia classes *intended* for re-use elsewhere? Or do they
> simply express restrictions that apply *within DBpedia*?
> I think that in general it is useful to distinguish between two different
> kinds of ontologies:
> a) Ontologies that express restrictions that are present in a certain
> dataset. They simply express what's there in the data. In this sense, they
> are like database schemas: If "Publisher" has a range of "Person", then it
> means that the publisher *in this particular dataset* is always a person.
> That's not an assertion about the world, it's an assertion about the
> dataset. These ontologies are usually not very re-usable.
> b) Ontologies that are intended as a "lingua franca" for data exchange
> between different applications. They are designed for broad re-use, and thus
> usually do not add many restrictions. In this sense, they are more like
> controlled vocabularies of terms. Dublin Core is probably the prototypical
> example, and FOAF is another good one. They usually don't allow as many
> interesting inferences.
> I think that these two kinds of ontologies have very different
> requirements. Ontologies that are designed for one of these roles are quite
> useless if used for the other job. Ontologies that have not been designed
> for either of these two roles usually fail at both.
> Returning to DBpedia, my impression is that the DBpedia ontology is
> intended mostly for the first role. Maybe it should be understood more as a
> schema for the DBpedia dataset, and not so much as a re-usable set of terms
> for use outside of the Wikipedia context. (I might be wrong, I was not
> involved in its creation.)
> Richard

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