Post-doctoral fellow interested in working in the LiveMemories project

We are looking for a post-doctoral fellow interested in working in the
LiveMemories project ( (A position for a top
student interested in pursuing a PhD as part of the same project is also

The research will be conducted under the direct supervision of Fausto
Giunchiglia ( in the Knowdive Group
(, a large, multicultural and
multidisciplinary group which is part of the Department of Computer
Science and Information Engineering (,
University of Trento (

Key words describing the research area of interest are: metadata
management and visualization; human-computer interaction; mash-ups; social
networks; geographical, spatial, and temporal data.

Essential skills and knowledge relevant to the project are:

•	knowledge and experience concerning user interface design and
evaluation, along with a general knowledge of human-computer interaction;
•	knowledge of languages and methodologies used for the development of
rich dynamic web applications (e.g., HTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS, AJAX,

Desirable skills and knowledge relevant to the project are:

•	understanding of the modeling primitives of the most popular social
networks (e.g., Facebook, Myspace, Flickr) − particularly, knowledge
of the open protocols of these networks as well as of related
standardization initiatives (e.g., OpenSocial, LinkedData);
•	knowledge of the typical architectures of web-based applications and
related methods and technologies (e.g., cookies, authorized access to web
contents, dynamic generation of web contents);
•	knowledge of the principles of database design and of relevant languages
and methodologies, such as ER diagram modeling, normal forms, SQL, and
query optimization;
•	experience in developing applications under and/or administering at
least one of the more popular DBMSs (e.g., Oracle, DB2, MySQL,
•	experience in working with geo-spatial databases (e.g, PostGIS);
•	experience with project management.

Knowledge of Italian is not required.

The ideal candidate holds a PhD with top performance in a field related to
the areas mentioned above. (S)he should have a proven track record of
system design and development as well as of conducting original research
and publishing results in good conferences and journals. (S)he should be
proactive, self-motivated, able to work independently and in a team, and
capable of running projects and leading a small group of programmers and
PhD students.
The main activities and project responsibilities of the successful
candidate and the persons they supervise will concern the design,
implementation, and evaluation of user interfaces and associated
functionality for:

•	accessing, managing, and sharing data, metadata, and ontologies in a
multimedia environment;
•	accessing, managing, and sharing geographical, spatial, and temporal data;
•	enabling the use of social intelligence, including visualization,
access, and management of communities;
•	organizational intelligence.

The candidate and the supervisees will also design and implement an API
and a mash-up language for metadata, data, and community integration,
including temporal and spatial data. They will also
supervise and manage the use in real world conditions of the systems that
they develop.
The successful candidate will be expected to create a small but strong
group of programmers and PhD students that will produce top-level research
and publish it in the major relevant venues.

The successful candidate will support the project coordinator in the
overall project management activities. These activities will include,
among other things: managing their work and that of the collaborators;
continuous monitoring and checking of the project results; producing
project deliverables; and managing contacts and collaborations with the
project partners.
Salary: According to experience, but expected to fall in the range 24KEuro
– 36KEuro/ year **NET**, including coverage of basic health insurance.

Duration: 3 years plus possibly a few extra months, starting as soon as
possible and ending with the end of the project.

How to apply:  Send your CV, a letter explaining your interest in the
position, and the names of three referees by December 15th to:
About us: The Department of Information Engineering  and Computer Science
of the University of Trento is a leading and fast-growing research
institution, characterized by a young and international faculty and a
large, international student population.

About Trento: Trento ( is a small vibrant city
(around 100K people) with a beautifully preserved historic center,
situated in the middle of the Dolomites. It is consistently ranked at the
top in Italy for quality of life.  Thanks to its fortunate location,
Trento offers a wide variety of cultural and sports opportunities all year
around, as well as excellent food and wine.

Further information: Fausto Giunchiglia,

Received on Monday, 17 November 2008 13:24:30 UTC