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While I'm not sure of the status of this work at W3C, there is a more 
general effort going on currently at OMG, under an RFP called UPMS (UML 
Profile and Metamodel for Services -- 

In the Ontology PSIG at OMG, we have been discussing the relationship 
between ODM (the Ontology Definition Metamodel --, and this UPMS effort.  
Yesterday I participated in a telecon with the UPMS submission team, and 
we agreed that at the OMG Santa Clara meeting we will discuss changes to 
the UPMS submission to put the "hooks" in to use ODM for service 
description, classification, etc., and also to initiate work on an RFP 
to develop a service description ontology.  The ontology would be 
published in the form of an ODM-based model (i.e., a UML model with ODM 
stereotypes and constraints for RDF and OWL applied, in the form of an 
XMI file), as well as native RDF and/or OWL, and would be made publicly 
available via the OMG web site.  It would also be well integrated with 
related work currently ongoing at OMG.  David Martin (SRI) and I are 
presenting in the Analysis and Design Task Force session at the Santa 
Clara meeting (Dec. 10 -- see link on the OMG home page) on exactly this 
topic.  Participants include not only SRI (who are among the primary 
authors of OWL-S) but also some of the folks who have championed WSMO. 

The OMG meeting itself is open, as is the ADTF working group session, 
fyi.  The SOA ABSIG meets on the Tuesday, and our Ontology PSIG meets 
Thursday morning, all in the same week.  You would be more than welcome 
to join us and share requirements.

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Michael Lang(Jr.) wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am working on a project and one of our goals is to semantically 
> describe software services.  I believe that OWL-S is the best 
> vocabulary for doing this, or at least the best place to start, but I 
> am curious as to why it has not become a W3C recommendation yet.  Does 
> anyone know the reason for this?
> Also, has anyone done any work in adding performance metrics about a 
> service to an OWL-S description?  We will definitely need to tackle 
> this problem and any advice/lessons learned would be much appreciated.
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