RE: Obsoleting URIs [was: URIs and Unique IDs]


Looking at
I notice that no domain and range are specified, nor are there any examples of use.  So if a URI http://example/new-term obsoletes a URI http://example/old-term , and we have (in n3):

    @prefix : <> .

    # Statement 1:
        :obsoletes <http://example/old-term> .

    # Statement 2:
        :obsoletes "http://example/old-term"^^xsd:anyURI .

Which of statement #1 or statement #2 would best illustrate the intended usage of :obsoletes?

In my view (according to my understanding of the RDF semantics), statement #2 would be correct.  Statement #1 would be incorrect (or at least not what that author probably intended) because it is making a statement about the resource *denoted* by the URI http://example/new-term -- not a statement about the URI itself.

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