Re: Standard graphical representation for ontologies

I have been thinking about this question, not sure if I am interpreting it 

If by ontology you mean conceptual schema (before it is encoded into 
owl/rdf) I recently learned that
topic maps are an iso standard (so, standard de jure where iso jurisdiction 

Topic Maps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Topic Maps is an ISO standard for the representation and interchange 
of knowledge, with an emphasis on the findability of information. ...


Paola DM

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> Hi Carlos,
> welcome to the list.
> As for your question:
> 'de iure' definitely there isn't it.
> 'de facto' I do not think so, although better OWL experts than me might 
> have another opinion here. In any case, there are a number of systems that 
> do graphical representations. These include some of the ontology editor 
> tools (eg, protege, more exactly the various plugins for it), or stand 
> alone visualizers (like OWLSight). You can also use RDF visualizers (eg, 
> RDF Gravity) to visual an RDF representation of the ontology.
> may give some pointers (updates are welcome!)
> Cheers
> Ivan
> Carlos Tejo Alonso wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This is my first email in semantic-web-request mailing list. So I may
>> introduce myself. I am Carlos Tejo, a member of the Semantic Web
>> activity line at CTIC Foundation, a non-profit organization, where I
>> work with a team of research fellows.
>> And my first question: Is there a standard ("de facto" or "de iure")
>> graphical representation for ontologies?
>> Best regards,
>> Carlos Tejo Alonso
>> R&D Deparment - CTIC Foundation [Asturias, Spain]
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